We are two sisters who are best friends and dedicated mothers who have created a company based on our values. We make 100% natural handcrafted luxury skincare and believe simple is best. We believe you don't need any synthetic ingredients as ‘nature knows best’. Nature already has all the answers, we just have to listen.

We incorporate this into all areas of our lives, from encouraging our kids to play outdoors, climbing trees, exploring nature, to growing fruit and vegetables ourselves, reducing plastic usage in our lives and only using natural cleaning products. And of course, having beautiful family dinners and sharing our love for food and family and connecting with each other. Really, isn’t that what it is all about? Connections? Whether it be with people around you, your family, friends, business relationships, this is what drives everything forward, so connections with nature do the same.

With our company we want to extend that sense of connection to our clients. We want to be part of your journey towards a more natural living and a deeper connection with nature as well as providing that little bit of luxury, the special treat that everyone deserves. We believe you don’t need to compromise on luxury just because you choose natural. Nature is most luxurious, if you know where to look. We like to present to our clients a 100% natural and ever so luxurious skincare range. Products that make you feel pampered and special while being at ease, knowing that these beautiful products that make you feel so wonderful don’t damage the nature in any way.

We are Australian but are somewhat ‘travellers, of the world, experience gatherers, connection and adventure seekers’ who are always looking at new, creative and innovative ways to make a difference.  Born in Sydney, but having grown up in Germany with Persian parents, travelled the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa and finally settled back in Australia we have come across an array of wonderful people, stunning natural settings and had our fair share of adventures and new experiences. All of which has shaped our lives in extraordinary ways.

Our inspiration behind our products is; caring for our family and nature. We both as we had our children and searching for natural products for their delicate skin started researching and using natural pure oils and making our own skincare products. Abby continued with her research and experimentation into natural skincare and completed a Diploma in Organic and Natural Skincare Formulation and now is the brains behind the products. Tandiss, with her design and marketing background has taken over the Marketing aspect of the company.

Our inspiration behind our logo and name is our mother who passed away before our business got off the ground. It is essentially a homage to her.

Abby still remembers being pregnant and coming up with the name Meenoo (our mothers favourite girls name) as an idea for a skincare business and sitting on the computer with our mother, playing around with font and colour whilst dreaming about where we could take this. About 4 weeks later she passed suddenly and unexpectedly. Although a terrible heartbreak for us, it brought us sisters closer and we created Menoo Organics and followed our dreams and passion.

In Farsi Meenoo means paradise and the logo for our business is the cypress tree which is said to be the tree of paradise in the Persian culture. The bigger tree symbolises a mother leaning over/ looking after the smaller tree, the child. It also flows into our belief that Mother Nature (the bigger tree) takes care of us (the smaller tree) and provides us with everything we need.

And this is exactly what we want to do, take care of you, our clients,… we want our products to provide that comfort when you need it. To be the hug that you are longing for. Give you that special treat that you deserve. We are looking to satisfy your desire to feel luxurious, use luxury products and be one and at peace with nature.